Are Chemical Face Peels Dangerous?

Much of us have wondered what a chemical face peel is. Does it include harsh chemicals or not? Is it even worth having the treatment? 

Lots of people think that it is the worst thing in the world to use a certain chemical to get a better result and it is amazingly shocking how many facts they get wrong. A chemical face peel is a solution that removes dead skin cells and stimulates new skin cells to grow. The reason for a chemical face peel is to improve the appearance of skin e.g. uneven skin tone or spots.

Having a chemical face peel is completely safe. The peel works best for people who have hyper-pigmentation, textured skin, or discoloration. The chemical peel penetrates the skin deeper for the top layer of the skin to shed, not bad right?

The beauty treatment can cost anything between £120-£2000 or more. However, depending on the type of chemical treatment the average cost of a face peel; would be £400.

The most common chemical agents currently used for medium-depth peeling are 70% glycolic acid and 35 to 50% TCA, with or without adjuvant combination products (e.g., Jessner's solution [comprising 14g resorcinol, 14g salicylic acid, 14mL lactic acid in ethanol constituted to 100mL] or solid carbon dioxide [CO2]). 

These Face peels can last anywhere from 1-2 months. If you were keeping up with the treatments every 4-6 months, it can maintain and reduce signs of wrinkles and discoloration significantly.

 A lot of people think they can’t go about their daily life, but you can wear makeup after a chemical peel hours after the procedure has been done. We would advise waiting to use makeup though as the skin will flake off anyway and who wants to waste a perfectly good makeup on dead skin.

 So now that you have the important facts, don’t be afraid to go for the treatment, however, it is important to maintain the beauty procedure, so we have a few tips below:

  • Hands off of your face
  • When the skin flakes off pull or cut it back
  • Moisturise just enough to feel comfortable
  • Protect your new skin with SPF
  • Let it peel and don’t worry

During this process, it will feel like you don’t want to be seen out in public as there will be skin flaking off everywhere but do remember that it’s going to be worth it in the end, when you see your new beautiful glowing skin.

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