Quarantine Regime - Moisturising Skin

I know most of us are stuck at home, either working or doing absolutely nothing. During this lockdown period we can use this opportunity to spend some time caring for our skin, that we may otherwise neglect. An at home regime can reduce the chance of developing extreme dryness.

There are many benefits to continuing or even starting your skin journey. Our body butter is non-comedogenic (which means it doesn’t block pores) and contains vitamin A and vitamin B5 which are important to increase firmness and build moisture levels. It also contains many antioxidant vitamins like C and E help protect new skin and fight skin damage. There are certain parts of our body which have rapid skin cell turnover, such as your face, neck and chest. These areas require moisture to repair itself, allowing younger cells to the surface. The massaging motion when applying our body butter also helps stimulate blood circulation and new cell generation.

The most crucial time to moisturise is after exfoliation and especially after a bath or shower. This is because the hot water, soap and scrubbing strips your skin of its oils and moisture leaving your skin very dry afterwards, so never skip your body butter!

Skin care tips we swear by!

  • Make sure the water in your shower/bath isn’t too hot – The excessive heat strips the natural oil from your skin which can become drying.
  • Pat dry your skin, don’t rub – The excess moisture will be locked into your skin when using the body butter.
  • Drink a lot of water – We recommend at least 1.5L water daily while home, increasing this if you do your daily exercise. The moisture your skin gets also comes from within your body.
  • Use mild soaps – The alcohol in most soaps/hand sanitisers strips the natural oils from your skin.
  • Pay special attention to your hands – We understand everyone is going hand sanitiser crazy during this time which is soo drying for our hands, so make sure you use one of our small pots to replenish the oils lost. Check out this video --> CLICK HERE

All these tips in combination with our body butter will give you the glowing skin you deserve! It is best used fresh out of the shower or bath to lock in the moisture on your damp skin…I hope you washed today! 😉

#Let The New You Glow

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