Body Butter Candle
Body Butter Candle

Body Butter Candle

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Body Butter Candle


Set the mood with our body butter candle. Once lit for 15-20 minutes, a pool of oil will form. Once you extinguish the flame and leave to cool for a few minutes, the warm oil can be used on your skin as an indulgent restorative body oil, locking in the moisture after a calming bath, leaving your skin with a sweet floral scent. 

  • Mango butter - Rich in antioxidants and moisturises skin 
  • Shea butter - The wonder ingredient which softens, nourishes and protects dry skin
  • Avocado oil - Rich in Vitamin E, A, D and contains collagen-supporting amino acids and proteins
  • Passionfruit seed oil - Rich in antioxidants and natural Vitamin C

In the package:

  • 150g boxed vegan Body Butter Candle with lid.
  • Bamboo spoon for drizzling the oil on your skin 


Shea butter, mango butter, avocado oil, passion fruit seed oil, soy wax, ylang ylang, cedarwood and jasmine essential oils